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We provide an easy to use digital photo album, family tree and social networking platform for you to organize, permanently preserve and share all of your precious memories.

For newly-weds, new parents, parents, grandparents, special occasions and people of all ages who want to create their very own visual history of memories for special occasions or for a lifetime.
Image of My Eyes™ allows users to easily create online photo albums to commemorate nostalgic moments such as a wedding, graduation, family and friends, new-borns and more.
With Image of My Eyes™, we provide extra features to enhance that experiences with online photo albums by allowing you to connect the albums to a Family Tree that you create and share it to Family and Friends.
That’s not all, you can even provide your thoughts and comments on the albums shared to you via our social network feature. 
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Create your album, connect it to your family tree and share it to your love ones.

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Our world-class album designer gives you complete creative control over your design, and it’s fun and simple to use on any device.





Image Of My Eyes App Coming Soon!

More than Storytelling

Once you've stored your memories in our digital photo album, you'll never go back to using traditional album.

Customise Albums

Personalise your album to match any mood or style.

Smart Design

Let our smart algorithms lay out your album for you.

Prebuilt Templates

Click to select from a range of pre-built templates

Family Tree

Attach each album to a branch of your family tree.

Social Network

Invite your family and friends and share your albums.

Privacy & Social

Your albums are private until you choose to share them.

It’s super easy to make yours today


Create your photo book using one of our templates or create your own design.

Add photos

Upload photos from your devices and simply drag and drop into the placeholders.


Share your albums with your friends and family so that they can enjoy your creation.

Post & Comment

Send and receive comments from your love ones to reminisce these precious moments.

Subscription Prices

Creating your digital photo album is as easy as:

  1. Become a Member
  2. Create as many photo albums as you like.
Monthly Fee

Membership Fee

Per Month


  • Access to Your Family Tree
  • Access to Your Social Network
  • Secure Storage of All Albums
Standard Membership Fee applies to all subscribers. The membership fee includes continous storage of data until subscription is cancelled.
Price Per Album

Creation of Photo Albums

Per Album


  • Access to Premium Themes
  • Access to an Album Designer
  • Access to Prebuilt Templates
  • Access to Annotations
  • Image Search Function
Each Purchased Album has 40 pages and able to hold up to 160 photos. All features Within the Album Designer have unrestricted use inclusive of current and future releases.


Image of My Eyes believes that each of our memories and stories is extremely important. They tie us all to our history, our lives and those who have come before us.

Our families, friends, coworkers and every instance that was meaningful enough for us to want to capture in some way has importance.

Those memories should not end up buried in a closet or attic somewhere. They should always be accessible to us, and anyone who is close to us.

Image of My Eyes is a long thought out vision that had it’s inception from a desire to forever capture, save and share the memories of the things that matter most.

The people, places and things that touch our lives. All virtually… and saving a few trees while we’re at it. Welcome to Image of My Eyes. We sincerely hope you become a member of the Image of My Eyes family!

Image Of My Eyes™ is a platform that allows subscribers to quickly and easily create an online book with photos and text to store any experience or occasion, such as a wedding, a new baby, a new pet, a graduation, a new job, a fantastic trip, or the death of a loved one or friend. Annotate your photos with your thoughts on your Image Of My Eyes™ Digital Photo Album, then connect it to your family tree and share with friends and family so they can interact with your digital Photo Album.

Image of My Eyes works to create your personalized “Themed Albums” and your “Family Tree” digital photo memories. We do this by providing a digital photo album for our customers to easily create and build onto.

Within that application is a second layer, a family tree that can house as many albums as one would like to purchase, build and ad on. The photo albums and the tree that hold them are always shareable with everyone you would like within your social network. .

We created an extremely low membership cost so that your images and your network are always available to you!  So, get started at no cost today.

Try our free 30-day membership package. Enjoy….

• Categorize and Share Your Valued Images With Family, Associates and Friends
• Customize and Personalize Your Visual Family Tree For Generations To Experience
• Searchable Digital Images and Videos For Easy Access and Enjoyment
• Create and Connect With Your Social Media Outlets
• Protect and Preserve Your Memories For A Lifetime

The cost of creating an album with 20 pages (inclusive) is $1.99. This is a one-time payment per album created. The cost of storing the digital photo album requires a monthly subscription of $0.99. Payments are pre-authorised during the sign up process. 
* Please note that these are promotional rates and may be subjected to changes in future.

There is no cost to view an album that is shared to you from a family member or friend. However during the sign up process, you are required to pre-authorised a payment method so that charges can be made if subsequent photo albums are created by you.

Image Of My Eyes™ is designed to be very intuitive. Simply go the dashboard and click on “New Photo Album””. You will be led to the Album Designer app. From there, you can choose from a range of pre-built templates to start your album or simply use the features on the left panel to create a custom album.
When you have completed populating all 20 pages, just click on the Process The Album on the top right button and it will be saved into “My Albums” which is easily accessible on your dashboard. Additionally, video guides are available on the “How To Video” section of the dashboard menu.

Don’t Risk Losing Your Precious Memories Forever. At Image Of My Eyes, we employ the use of encryption and continuous backups of all albums and images to protect against hacking and events where files may normally be adversely affected.

No database is invulnerable, but rest assured that Image Of My Eyes is using top of the line processes and procedures to ensure your memories will be preserved.

You are able to delete any comments that are inappropriate however if that person continues to post unwanted comments to your profile, please feel free to contact the Image Of My Eyes™ team. Our administrators will review the complaint and take appropriate actions to address the situation.


We love your feedback. It encourages us to do more for you.

Reminisce With Your Memories

Create an album in minutes. Indulge your favorite photos and share it to your family and friends anytime on any devices.

Image Of My Eyes Works To Create Your Personalized Themed Albums And Your Family Tree Digital Photo Memories.

Benefits includes:

1. Customize and Personalize Your Visual Family Tree For Generations To Experience
2. Categorize and Share Your Valued Images With Family, Associates and Friends
3. Searchable Digital Images and Videos For Easy Access and Enjoyment
4. Create and Connect With Your Social Media Outlets
5. Create Your Own Visual Family Tree
6. Organize and Share The Stories Of A Lifetime
7. Highly Safe and Secure Virtual Environment

Preserve and Protect Your Lifetime Memories

Membership Includes:

1. First 30 Days of Membership FREE, Plus Your Family Tree, and Rights To Share Via Social Networking. WOW!
2. Full Membership ONLY $0.99 a Month
3. Purchase Custom Albums By Theme For JUST $1.99

Don’t Risk Losing Your Precious Memories.